Renting skis or a board? Skiset!

By Arjen on 14 December 2019 · 0

Many freeriders have their own gear. We treat our skis and snowboards with a lot of love. If you do not have your own freeride gear, renting is a good option. You do not have to carry it along and you can swap your skis or board on location if the conditions ask for it.

Ski's en snowboards huren

The regular user of wePowder may already have noticed: you'll find a link to the rental of Skiset on resort and ski area pages. They are situated in more than 400 villages in the Alps, so chances are you can reserve a few skis or a snowboard for the area you want to go to. And then you often also have the choice of multiple stores, so you can choose a location that is close to your accommodation.


Benefits of booking in advance are clear:

  • You do not have to carry anything with you
  • It is cheaper than renting on the spot

Freeride models

A lot of shops that rent out skis in the Alps have the best models you can on the slopes. Fortunately, Skiset also offers a wide range of gear to freeriders. For example the Blizzard Brahma Carbon and the Black Crows Deamon RT with 99 mm under the foot. Of course, the selection differs per area and per store!

So next time when you want to rent skis or snowboards, think [click on the Skiset logo] ( here on wePowder.


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