Looking for people to go freeriding with winter 2020-2021(region CH/AT)

  • samdevries
    samdevries op 23 August 2020 · 15:41
    Hi guys/girls,

    My name is Sam, I'm 25 y/o and since last October I moved from Belgium to Zurich to be able to pursue my dreams of becoming Belgium Freeride Champion, or at least try and get close to this goal 😀

    To be able to do this I try and go skiing as much as I can on weekends and also some weeks. The only problem is I haven't found anyone to go with me on my freeride trips. As many here probably know, freeriding on your own is a no-go...

    So here goes my question: If anyone here feels like going with my on some awesome trips, feel free to contact me. Searching for people who have done some freeriding already but most levels are welcome. I also still have a lot to learn, maybe you guys can learn me a thing or 2 😃

    Hopeful to here from you soon and enjoy the pow together this winter,


  • LauSki
    LauSki op 16 September 2020 · 09:55
    Hey Sam,

    My name is Lauran, a 23-years-old Dutchman, and I moved recently to Basel. I'm a huge fan of skiing and looking for a buddy (or buddies) for this winter. Send me a PM and let's go together sometime!

    Cheers, Lauran
  • idh
    idh op 27 September 2020 · 23:30
    Hi LauSki and Samdevries,
    I am also searching for buddies for freeriding in winter 21/20. I am based in Prague but my plan is to go when the snow is good. It is only 6 hours drive. Send me a PM and let's go together sometime.
  • richinelm
    richinelm op 5 October 2020 · 21:59
    Heh Sam
    Im based close to Davos. Drop by if you need a freeride/tour buddy. There's always fresh lines to be had here.


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