From SNOWvember to NOvember

By Arjen on 4 November 2020 · 2

(c) Victor Sturing
(c) Victor Sturing

The base in the Alps is currently very good, after a particularly snowy month of October. Yet that is not what concerns us all. COVID-19 is still around and most of the people in Europe can't or simply aren't allowed to travel to the Alps. For the time being we all have no choice but to prepare for a season in a way that's different from other seasons.


Most of the Alpine countries are dealing with heavy restrictions at the moment. The lifts in France and Austria are closed in November. Where we sometimes could call this month 'SNOWvember', we now mainly have to deal with a 'NOvember'. First we have to beat this virus. So hold your horses for now.


Until then, we will have to be patient. We will probably all make our turns much later in the season than we're used to. To look at it on the positive side: there is still plenty of time left for the real freeride season. When we can hopefully travel to the Alps again, it will still be mid-winter and we can still drive treeruns. The following months still offer plenty of perspective. But only when the virus allows us to.

Feed the stoke

Until then, we'll be posting enough stoke here to satisfy our powder cravings in a digital way. We will also continue with the weather forecast. At first glance, it may not be of much use to us, but that way we can keep an eye on the build-up of the snow cover, so that we are prepared for the mountains when it's possible to ride again.

Stay healthy!

Oh, and if you haven't ordered the wePowder Guide yet: for € 45.00 it will be delivered to you in mid-December. Still a little bit of anticipation ;-) Thanks for your support!


  • Adamski
    Adamski op 4 November 2020 · 17:45
    Live with the virus, not beat it...
    Especially if you're we'll enough to go skiing, it should cause no concerns. So... live with it!!

    But you're bang on the money with the wePowder Guide: a brilliant publication - many thanks!

  • Arjen
    Arjen op 5 November 2020 · 10:30
    Thanks @Adamski !
    One day, they'll invent synthetic powder, ban all kinds of work and give you a free liftpass...


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