Wedze (decathlon) ski

  • mfabi
    mfabi op 2 December 2020 · 16:45
    does anyone have experience with these skis:

    Or what is your opinion about them?

    Thank you for answer
  • poederbuus
    poederbuus op 4 December 2020 · 23:51
    I mean, I don't have any experience with these ski's but in general there is a time and place for Decathlon gear. There are many things that I would buy from there and many things I would not. Their products have a good bang for buck ratio but are cheap as fuck, so also very so-so in the bang department.

    You buy socks, a spare base layer, hiking gloves, a space blanket or running shorts at decathlon. Stuff where you can easily get away with buying cheap crap.
    Never in my life would I buy anything there that is more than 100 euros. Only a dweeb would spend 600 euros on something that makes you wish you had gone for the 900 euros equivalent from a real brand would have made you extatic.

    I'd totally go for the 15 euros socks vs 40 euros socks though. Get my drift?

    Lets get philosophical about this. You work for money right? That means you sell time of your life to your boss/company? Imagine selling a whole week of your precious life for something that looked good on paper but lacks in the performance department, while you could have sold a whole week and a half of your life for something that makes you shout "yeeeew". You wasted that week of your life and are going to go for the real deal afterwards anyway, effectively making it cost two and a half weeks of your life instead of one and a half. If you're considering buying something in the price category where its going to sting no matter what, just fucking go for what your heart wants instead of cheaping out and cutting corners.
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  • scotty9
    scotty9 op 5 December 2020 · 09:15
    ^ this 😂

    Check out deals on previous season models on places like Sport Conrad if you’re looking to avoid currrent season prices, it’s a much more sensible move.
  • elecas
    elecas op 7 December 2020 · 10:03
    @poederbuus I ski very often and the Decathlon socks in half season are a dissaster, the 40€ ones are good after 2 seasons.

    I personally use Decathlon for sports that I don't do very often so I will use the things few times a year or as introduction material when I am starting in a new sport and I am not sure about how much I will do it or much I will like. For those two cases, I don't need superadvance and performance material so I go for cheap basic things.

    However, I think Decathlon is trying since some time ago move their products direction to more advance equipment, as it is the case with those skis. The problem is that they are not so cheap, and you can go for reliable brands in those prices. Sportconrad, sportbitll, sportler, bergzeit, etc have skis from previous seasons that are cheaper than those ski and they are from top brand with years of experience. Maybe with time they will manage to change the company image. But for me, still, they are brand for basic cheap material...
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