SKI SLOPES OPENING 2021 [updated]

  • ctm
    ctm op 10 January 2021 · 13:14

    Please fee free to update this blog with comments.

    The ski resorts of Andorra are now open for locals, and it is hoped that international visitors will be welcomed from 1st February, however this will be subject to continued monitoring of the epidemiological situation. As we have more updates and a confirmed opening date for Grandvalira and Vallnord we'll be posting updates online and on our Facebook page.  This page will be updated regularly with new information, however we also want to set out our policy when it comes to bookings and cancellations.

    Access to Andorra
    Andorra requires a negative PCR or TMA test on arrival at your accommodation for those people staying for three nights or more.
    The test must have been within 72 hours prior to arrival.
    The test is required for everyone from age six years upwards.

    Arriving Via Spain
    Depending on your country of origin, you may need a negative PCR, LAMP, or TMR test to arrive via Spain, within 72 hours prior to arrival, which is the same requirement as Andorra.
    Your negative test certificate must have your passport number on it.
    You must complete a health declaration form online here within 48 hours before your flight.  Once submitted you will receive a QR code to print or on their app, which you must have with you on arrival at the airport.
    You cannot stay in Catalunya (Barcelona/Lleida/Reus/Girona) but you can arrive and transit through to Andorra.
    Spain has some restrictions on who can enter until 19th January.

    Arriving Via France
    Depending on your country of origin, you may need a negative test to arrive via France, within 72 hours prior to arrival, which is the same requirement as Andorra.
    Your negative test certificate must have your passport number on it.
    France has some restrictions on who can enter until 6th January.

    updated: site continuously


    Open ski areas in Ötztal:
    Sölden winter ski area
    Hochoetz mountain lifts
    Gries ski region
    Niederthai ski area
    Gurgl mountain lifts from 21.01.2021
    Vent ski area from 25.01.2021
    Planned opening of accommodations & gastronomy businesses: 25.01.2021
    ski passes sold online to all skiers

    Austria is currently in lockdown and hotels and restaurants are closed, making touristic/leisure travel virtually impossible. Essential travel (e.g. for business that cannot be delayed) is still possible.
    Quarantine rules are in effect, requiring travellers from most countries to self-quarantine upon arrival.
    9 January: Flights from the UK and South Africa are not allowed to land in Austria until 24 January.
    8 December: From 19 December 2020, if you are travelling from a risk area, you will have to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival in Austria.
    Current Rules (in effect from 19 December 2020)
    Austria is currently in lockdown and hotels and restaurants are closed.

    For Austrian citizens and residents of Austria, EU, UK, Switzerland, and safe countries, the following rules apply:
    Quarantine Mandatory
    A 10-day self-quarantine is mandatory when arriving from a risk area.
    Exceptions I: Safe Countries
    The only countries considered safe are Australia, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, Uruguay, and the Vatican. When arriving from these countries (and if you have not been in any other countries in the last 10 days), you do not need to quarantine or show a negative COVID test.

    updated: 04-01-2021


    The French government will only permit ski resorts to reopen lifts if the COVID-19 situation by Jan. 20 allows for this, a minister said on Friday JAN 8.
    “The government’s decision on Jan. 20 must by guided only by the situation of the epidemic,” French junior tourism minister Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne said on BFM television.
    Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Thursday that restaurants in France would remain shuttered until at least mid-February and ski resorts might not open before the February holiday because the coronavirus was still spreading too fast and hospitals remained under severe pressure.
    The chairman and chief executive of French ski resorts operator Companie des Alpes told BFM Business radio earlier on Friday that reopening ski resorts in February was a “life and death issue for some (sector) players”.

    no news

    updated: 08-01-2021


    Italy postponed the reopening of its ski resorts on Saturday until later this month, after regional authorities asked for more time to meet coronavirus regulations. The ordinance signed on Saturday by Health Minister Roberto Speranza delays the reopening the country’s ski lifts and facilities until January 18.
    The Italian government’s scientific technical committee, which advises on Covid-19 rules, had signaled “medium-high” risk of crowds, inside gondolas, as well as at lift lines and during après-ski.
    Italian ski areas may be able to open from 18th January according to the country’s government. The country will be divided in to tiers according to virus infection rates. The ordinance signed on Saturday by Health Minister Roberto Speranza delays the reopening the country's ski lifts and facilities until January 18.

    no news

    updated: 03-01-2021


    Solothurn has become the last Swiss canton to open its ski resorts, despite what it says is a worrying coronavirus situation.
    Resorts in this north-western canton can operate as of Saturday, after its authorities granted the necessary permits. The canton had on December 21 rejected permit applications, but said on Friday that since all other cantons had opened their ski areas in the meantime, Solothurn ski lift operators would now also be able to operate.
    These measures included the closing of all bars and restaurants, as well as sports and culture venues, until at least January 22nd.
    But the least-affected cantons, where the R-rate remained below 1 for more than a week, could decide to ease the restrictions and keep their restaurants and other venues open.
    At the time, the R-rate — a measure of the speed at which the disease is spreading — was just below 1 in the French- speaking part of Switzerland, so these cantons were exempt from following national rules.
    However, the rate in Vaud, Neuchâtel and Valais has now exceeded 1, forcing the cantons to comply with the federal measures.
    Ski areas remain open but restaurants in resorts and on slopes must close. Most sell food/drinks products though a window/counter.


    Normal entry requirements apply to persons entering Switzerland from Schengen states, EU member states, certain small European states and certain states outside Europe.
    List of non high-risk countries
    The normal entry requirements apply to any persons entering Switzerland directly from the following countries:
    Schengen States:

    Czech Republic
    Netherlands [as of 15.01.2021 00:00, Switzerland will reintroduce the 10-day quarantine obligation for travellers from the Netherlands.]

    updated: 09-01-2021

    If you do travel to the Netherlands, a negative PCR test result is mandatory and will be checked before boarding a plane, international bus, boat or train.
    Individual cars and passengers are excluded.

    Ciao, Christian
  • ctm
    ctm op 10 January 2021 · 13:48

    Riksgränsen will be open during the coming winter season. Our winter season will run from the 26th of February until the 23rd of May.

    Ciao, Christian
  • Medicine
    Medicine op 10 January 2021 · 20:23

    Around 1/3 to 1/2 of ski resorts are open, including all catalan ski resorts and Astun in the Pyrenees, plus Sierra Nevada.

    Catalonia has a locals only policy between 10 and 17th of January, then back to Catalonia only conditions permitting. In general ski resorts allow only skiers from within the province.

    But, it's open and it has been dumping😃

  • ctm
    ctm op 15 January 2021 · 12:16
    Some ski areas in Norway have been selling out of limited availability tickets in advance at weekends and holidays with Voss saying the only way to get a lift pass after they sold out for a day was to book resort accommodation which comes with a lift ticket included (14 Jan).

    Ski areas in Poland have said they will operate in defiance of a government order that they close (14 Jan).

    Ski areas in Iceland have been allowed to open to adult skiers for the season (14 Jan).

    There are (very) early signs that some of the ski areas in the Alps currently closed by their governments may try to stay open later in to spring if snow and pandemic conditions are good enough then. (11 January).

    French resorts probably won’t open until at least mid-February, government announces. (8 Jan)

    Ciao, Christian
  • Powder_pierre2
    Powder_pierre2 op 15 January 2021 · 18:01
    De Italiaanse ski gebieden blijven alvast gesloten tot 15/02/2021.
  • ctm
    ctm op 20 January 2021 · 23:18
    BAD NEWS FRANCE january 20, 2021

    Ski lifts at resorts in France will stay closed at the start of February, the government said on Wednesday, essentially writing off this winter sports tourism season due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


    The ski lifts will not be allowed to open from February 1, the date given by the government for a possible easing of restrictions, and a “reopening in mid- or late-February seems highly improbable”, said Tourism Minister Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne.

    Speaking in a video conference with industry players, he acknowledged that the season would be a write-off for the sector, which counts for between 250,000 and 400,000 direct and indirect jobs in France.

    France is currently not in lockdown and people are in theory free to visit Alpine resorts and stay in hotels. But restaurants are also shut and the lack of ski lifts prevents tourists enjoying downhill skiing, even if cross-country and snow-shoeing are possible.

    Prime Minister Jean Castex will meet industry players in the coming days in order to “finalise the economic support measures” for companies affected by the prolonged closure, Lemoyne said.
    Ciao, Christian
  • ctm
    ctm op 25 January 2021 · 21:37
    ITALY 24-01-2021

    Italian resorts optimistic that they will open for the season at the third attempt on February 15th after multiple government agencies signalled this time they would be good to go.

    Ciao, Christian
  • ctm
    ctm op 25 January 2021 · 21:43
    SWITZERLAND 01-02-2021

    see coloured areas in picture; the need to go in quarantine countries

    Ab dem 21. Januar 2021 nicht mehr auf der Liste: Dänemark, Georgien, Kroatien, Luxemburg, Serbien.

    Die neu hinzugefügten Staaten und Gebiete sind in fetter Schrift hervorgehoben.

    Liste gültig bei der Einreise ab 1.2.2021

    Gebiete der Nachbarstaaten


    Land Sachsen
    Land Thüringen
    Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

    Region Emilia Romagna
    Region Friaul-Julisch Venetien
    Region Venetien
    Land Salzburg

    Staaten und Gebiete*

    Königreich der Niederlande
    San Marino
    Vereinigtes Königreich
    Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

    Ciao, Christian
  • ctm
    ctm op 30 January 2021 · 15:24
    The mayor of St Anton, one of Austria’s top resorts, said this week that dozens of young tourists from across Europe had recently come to his town and circumvented lockdown rules under which ski lifts are open but hotels are closed to tourists.

    “Among others Britons, Danes, Swedes, Romanians, Germans, Australians, Irish people and Poles were checked and fined,” the police force of the western province of Tyrol said in a statement issued on Friday night.

    The operation was carried out on Friday evening with 15 officers, and those found in breach face fines of up to 2,180 euros ($2,650), the statement said.

    Austria, a country of just under 9 million people, has recorded 413,208 cases and 7,703 deaths in the pandemic so far. Daily new cases have dropped to roughly 1,500 from a peak of more than 9,000 in November but are now falling only slowly.

    It has been in its third national lockdown since Dec. 26, with non-essential shops closed. In addition, from Dec. 19 to Jan. 10 even stricter rules on entering the country were put in place largely to discourage skiers, forcing arrivals from almost every country in Europe to go into quarantine.

    In recent weeks, however, the public has been stunned to learn of loopholes, often involving work or training. Although regular skiers cannot stay overnight at a resort, coronavirus clusters emerged at ski teacher training courses, which were allowed to be held for visitors from across Europe.

    Tourist accommodation is only available to business travellers, and St Anton’s Mayor Helmut Mall has said new arrivals there have registered a local address saying they are looking for work even though there are no jobs available.

    The police did not say exactly what offences had been committed but said the foreigners had breached lockdown and immigration regulations as well as the law on registering an address.

    Ciao, Christian
  • ctm
    ctm op 5 February 2021 · 18:38
    Swiss Quarantine rules slightly modified, as off February 8, 2021 [end of Swiss Quarantine after 7 days + negative PCR]

    The current quarantine rules are to be adapted to include a test-and-release strategy. Until now anyone who has come into contact with an infected person has had to go into quarantine for ten days. Under the new rules, a person may leave quarantine after seven days if after this time they have a negative result from an antigen rapid test or a PCR test (molecular biological analysis), and are authorised to do so by the local cantonal authorities. The person must pay for the test themselves and must wear a mask and continue to socially distance until the full ten days' quarantine is over, unless they remain at home (or in the place they are quarantining - holiday apartment, hotel etc.). If their test result is positive, they must isolate immediately.

    Reduced travel quarantine
    The new test-and-release strategy also applies to persons arriving in Switzerland from a country or region with a high risk of infection. On arrival, these travellers must present valid proof of a negative PCR test result that is no more than 72 hours old. They then have to quarantine for ten days; they can leave quarantine after seven days if they again test negative (antigen rapid test or PCR test). All persons arriving by air even from a country that is not considered high risk must be able to show a negative PCR test result before boarding the plane.

    Contact tracing extended
    Until now, only the contact details of people arriving in Switzerland from a high-risk country or region have been recorded. From now on, all persons arriving from abroad by air, boat, bus or train must complete an online form on arrival. With this information, cases of infection can be identified more easily and transmission chains broken more rapidly.

    Ciao, Christian
  • Rutger
    Rutger op 11 February 2021 · 09:26
    Lombardije opent as maandag de skigebieden, maximale liftcapaciteit wordt terug geschroefd naar 30%.
    The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority,
  • ctm
    ctm op 11 February 2021 · 21:45
    Lifts in Valsesia are ready to open

    “Pending the official guidelines for the prevention of contagion, recently approved by the CTS and necessary for the safe reopening of the ski resorts, we can anticipate Monterosa 2000’s intention to return to operation as soon as possible.

    As we have told you, during autumn and until today we have prepared our ski areas, completing the necessary maintenance on the systems, the snow-making operations and the grooming of the slopes. We have also worked to develop agile systems for online shopping and access management. The next few days will be dense and crucial, during which we will have to refine what has been prepared up to now, adapting it to the rules that will be communicated to us. But we can say that we are ready and undoubtedly excited about the idea of ​​being ready to welcome you again!

    The first lift to open will be the Sacro Monte di Varallo cable car, which will operate the Local Public Transport service already on February 13th and 14th. Lifts in Alpe di Mera and Alagna will follow, supposedly for the week of February 15th.

    The Piedmont Region is completing the process necessary to define the quota of accesses in each ski area, and to ensure skiing in complete safety. For this reason we do not yet know the date we have waited for so long, but we promise that we will not make you wait longer than necessary and that we will communicate the news as soon as we have it.

    However, it is essential to remember that what we said above can be implemented and maintained if the current regional health conditions persist, if the trend of the epidemic and any new government provisions on mobility and openings to the public allow it.

    In the coming days we will also try to communicate with all our customers, starting with those who decided last autumn to buy a seasonal ski pass, to manage the most appropriate solutions for issuing ski passes with them. We will also make available the new price lists and online purchase procedures and we will share the opening hours of our information and customer care points, to assist you in the most efficient way.

    Ciao, Christian
  • ctm
    ctm op 11 February 2021 · 21:45

    *message edited by ctm op 11 Feb 2021 21:46 (100% bewerkt)
    Ciao, Christian
  • ctm
    ctm op 15 February 2021 · 14:16

    The main resorts in the Milky Way in Piedmont are sounding hopeful that some lifts will open on 20th February.

    “We are told by Vialattea, who run the ski lifts, that there will be some lifts open from the 20th of February in Sauze d’Oulx, Sestriere and Sansicario,” said the resort of Sauze d’Oulx on social media.

    The resort of Bardonecchia in the Milky Way has already started preparing some slopes:

    However it is weighing up the costs against the number of allowed visitors due to regional travel restrictions.

    “We will do our best to ensure the best possible usability of the skiable area, but it must be emphasized that this is a further and significant commitment in terms of resources and it is therefore important that the planned opening period is congruous with the costs incurred by the society,” said the resort.

    “It must also be considered that if the ban on travel between regions were to remain, tourist flows would be extremely low.

    “Our priority is the safety of users, but we are awaiting further clarifications on the quota arrangements and the maximum number of ski passes that we can sell.

    “In the meantime, as indicated by the protocols, we have equipped ourselves with new automatic pay stations and online sales systems, in order to monitor the number of people on the track and avoid crowds.
    Ciao, Christian
  • ctm
    ctm op 16 February 2021 · 00:34
    Sestriere: incredible behind the front of the government. We don't ski until March 5 SESTRIERE - ′′ There's no limit to the worst - Sestriere Mayor Gianni Poncet thunder - only a few days ago we were confirmed that the ban on opening slopes and skiing plants to tourists was unlocked. We were watching February 15th and with joy and ′′ hope ": we told tourists that we were ready to reopen the ski slopes in Sestriere and Vialattea on February 20th. We have always believed it and we have already carried out, from December 24, 2020 until February 14, 2021, an important running period of everything that is the safety linked to the pandemic by hosting in Sestriere the training sessions of young athletes of national valence in strength of ski clubs in our Olympic mountains. An action that involved a total of 1600 children, without registering any cases of contagion. A useful experience for the tourist restart, we were ready: we jointly organized a joint meeting, Carabinieri command, Alpina Taurinense Brigade command, urban enforcing command, civil protection, Carabinieri association on leave, track safety, direction Sestrieres S.p.a, Vialattea Tourist Consortium .. Everything has been organized to allow reopening safely following the guidelines set by the Conference of the Regions and the Scientific Technical Committee. This new government ban blew on us from sunrise to sunset, less than 24 hours from the fearful resumption of Alpine skiing nationally. It's a clear signal of disinterest and mistreatment of the mountain, of the people and families who live there, work there, and of the entire chain of the winter tourist system that always has Alpine skiing as its backbone. The winter mountain has been stopped since March 2020. Soon it will be a year of paralysis of the main source of economy and livelihood for tens of thousands of families. The only restaurants that have arrived, at the moment, are those provided by the coffers of the Municipality of Sestriere according to a concrete, deliberate plan: 300 thousand euros intended to safeguard their citizens! For the rest of the government only words, no one has deemed to do anything but make fun of us with these continuous breaking postponements dictated by the CTS. It's a shame. We have never underestimated the health emergency, we have always activated to curb the epidemic: thanks to the collaboration of all our citizenship we have always kept prevention standards high. Meanwhile we see in big cities stormed shopping malls, gatherings in streets and squares. And in front of all this, we have to hear that going skiing is dangerous? One thing is certain at this point, we should not only talk about refreshments from the government but also about a fair demand for damages caused by an unholy and utterly disregard for those who live and work in the mountains. People who have always been used to rolling up their sleeves while working quietly and now are no longer intent on boycott attitudes and actions ".
    Ciao, Christian
  • Erwin
    Erwin op 16 February 2021 · 07:14
    Meerdere gebieden in Oostenrijk zijn dicht gegaan, waaronder Sölden en Rauris. In Oostenrijk mogen tot rond Pasen de hotels niet open.

    Garmisch-Classic in Duitsland heeft besloten niet meer open te gaan dit seizoen.
  • Erwin
    Erwin op 16 February 2021 · 07:14

    *message edited by Erwin op 16 Feb 2021 07:14 (100% bewerkt)
  • ctm
    ctm op 24 February 2021 · 10:32
    ITALY - VAL D'AOSTA [19FEB2021]

    If Val d'Aosta becomes a white zone, the small Alpine region's gyms, swimming pools, cinemas, theatres and ski slopes would be able to reopen too.
    The region's coronavirus parameters look to be in line with that of a white zone, with a COVID-19 Rt reproduction rate below 1 and an incidence of fewer than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.
    Val d'Aosta has been under this incidence threshold for three consecutive weeks.
    A nationwide curfew from 10pm until 5am remains in force and a ban on travel between regions has been extended until February 25. (ANSA).
    Ciao, Christian
  • Boarderbuis
    Boarderbuis op 9 March 2021 · 11:02
    Dagje (max. 24u) 'wintersporten' bij de buren behoort weer tot de mogelijkheden zonder tegen de wet in te gaan en zonder testen/quarantaine:

    Alleen dat negatieve reisadvies....


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