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By Rogier on 24 January 2021 · 0

It might be a no-brainer to carry a RECCO® when your exploring in nature, during winter sports and when you go off-piste. But how do you get those RECCO® reflection strips? More than 150 outdoor sports brands have incorporated RECCO® reflectors in their apparel, boots or helmets. If your apparel does not have RECCO®, simple solutions can also be found! This way it is easy to always go out with a reflector strip.

Appropriate apparel and gear

It is important that the gear containing the RECCO® is well connected to your body. Because the rescue teams are looking for the reflector plate. So pants, helmets and ski boots are perfect for incorporating a reflector plate. If you buy a RECCO® patch yourself, it is wise to only stick it on material that is stuck to your body. Such as your helmet!

The Scarpa F1 contains RECCO®
The Scarpa F1 contains RECCO®

More than 150 brands with RECCO®

More than 150 brands use RECCO® in their apparel. It is therefore always possible to find well-fitting boots, helmets, jackets or pants in which a RECCO® reflector has been incorporated.

  • Think of light ski touring boots like the Scarpa F1 or the more freeride-oriented shoes like the Tecnica Cochise 130.
  • Also with helmets you can choose between freeride helmets from, for example, Atomic and Poc, as well as affordable helmets from Wed’ze. Extremely light touring ski and mountain sports helmets from UVEX and Grivel are also equipped with RECCO®.
  • It's a bit too much too list all apparel that contains RECCO®. But here too you have the choice between almost all brands and price ranges. Think of Arc'Teryx, Ortovox, Patagonia, Odlo, PeakPerformance and Wed'ze. And many more brands. If you want a complete overview look here.

Attachable RECCO® Reflector

If there is no reflector in your apparel, ski boot or helmet, you can also buy attachable RECCO® reflectors. You can choose between different models.

  • RECCO® Helmet Rescue Reflector These adhesive strips are made to stick on your helmet. With a good sturdy adhesive strip, these strips are permanently attached to your helmet. Of course these adhesive strips are safe for your helmet!
  • RECCO® Backpack Rescue Reflector This RECCO® Backpack Rescue Reflector is easy to attach to your backpack. This makes it ideal for your off-piste backpack in the winter, but also for your adventures in the summer.
  • RECCO® Reflector Belt This belt contains a RECCO® Reflector. In this way you always have a RECCO® Reflector on and it is impossible for it to detach from your body. This way you can easily have a RECCO® Reflector with you, always and everywhere and you can therefore always be found.

With the RECCO® Belt you can be sure that you always have RECCO® with you
With the RECCO® Belt you can be sure that you always have RECCO® with you

More info about these attachable RECCO® Reflectors can be found here.


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