Powder in Engelberg

  • Mledwig
    Mledwig op 27 January 2021 · 10:54
    Yesterday, it was snowing much more then expectex in Engelberg, and luckily in the afternoon the sun came out for 2 hours, and the glacier cable car opened the freeride variants only (No other lifts). The Pow was much deeper then expected, and only a very people have been on the mountain, since the forecast was not good for the day.

    Mayn locals confimred that this was the best and deepest day since years, and we were so luckly and thankfull that we decided to go there this day...

    just awesome, and we've been riding until the lifts have been already cloesd... just EPIC!

    Unlikely we had to time to film more vids, but its been just too good, which the video does not really show at all 😃

    We will remember that day for long....
  • Vinnie
    Vinnie op 29 January 2021 · 18:06
    where is the vid? sounds good
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