Tested: Ortovox Swisswool Freeride Glove

By dr.Gear on 26 January 2021 · 0

Way back when Dr. Gear thought it was a good idea to climb frozen waterfalls, and in a blizzard he untangled ropes somewhere high in Austria his fingertips were frozen. Since then, Dr. Gear has decided that it is much more fun sliding down mountains (sporadically, a frozen waterfall is still climbed) than climbing ice, but the once frozen fingers cause circulation problems and therefore result in cold hands. Perfect for testing gloves.

The first introduction to new gear is always very important. And it has to be said, this one was not very positive with the glove. The inside of the glove felt a bit rough, this is certainly due to the merino wool used. But Dr. Gear knows better than anyone that sometimes you have to look a little further. That is definitely worth it with this glove. Because after a long season of skiing and snowboarding with the gloves and even wearing them during the climbing a frozen waterfall, (yes Dr. Gear sometimes turns out to be hard-learning) Dr. Gear is very positive about these gloves. Point by point the pros and cons of the Ortovox Swisswool Freeride Glove:

Warm with high temperature range

Nature provides us with great products. Thanks to the Swisswool lining, this glove is warm, Dr. Gear only got a bit colder in this glove at around -15 ° C, but the moderate blood circulation in his fingertips certainly plays a role in that. For people who have never had frozen fingers, this glove is probably warm enough in all conditions. This glove is not only warm, especially when skinning up during ski touring this glove was also not too warm. A temperature range that synthetic lined gloves can only dream of. Perfect for Dr. Gear's poorly blooded fingertips.


The glove is very flexible for such a warm glove. The glove has a high wearing comfort, the non-slip wool in the beginning has become very pleasantly soft and supple. The high-quality goat leather provides a good grip and is very durable!

Wear resistant

The gloves have already been in the snow for about 50 full days and are as good as new! This is a glove for saisonaires, mountain rescue and mountain guides. And therefore also for fanatic freeriders.


The glove is not recommended by Ortovox as waterproof but as good water-repellent. This glove is virtually waterproof. As long as you don't go backpacking in Scotland in the fall, you won't have any water problems with this glove.

Nice leash and smart loop on middle finger

The leash, which ensures that you do not lose your gloves in the lift, is pleasant and quite wide. This is a real plus because many (even expensive) brands are cutting back on this. And for the mountaineering freeriders among us, the gloves can be perfectly attached to your climbing harness via a loop on the middle finger. This way you can be sure that there is no snow in the glove during an abseil or a climb.

Not cheap but great price

This glove is available in stores for € 150, - which is not cheap. If you search a little, you can also find very nice gloves for 50 to 60 euros less. But for the quality and the sustainable raw materials used in this glove, it is an excellent price. Especially if you bring in the wear resistance. In terms of quality, this glove plays in the highest segment and then it is suddenly not that expensive ...

The cons?

The glove could have been a bit longer for the sake of beauty, so that it can fit a little wider over your jacket sleeve. But opinions differ per person about this. Furthermore, it benefits the lifespan of the leather in the glove if it is occasionally greased with special leather grease. So you have to go to work to keep your glove in good shape... But you get so much extra quality in return compared to synthetic material that, frankly, that shouldn't be a disadvantage.


Ortovox heeft een zeer goede handschoen op de markt gezet die heel veel berg- en wintersporters kan bekoren. Feitelijk zonder minpunten. Als deze handschoen je goed zit, want dat blijft persoonlijk, dan kun je je er geen buil aan vallen!


Ortovox has put a very good glove on the market that will appeal to many riders. Basically without negatives. If this glove fits you well, because that remains personal, then it's a great pick!


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