Hidden Faces part 4: Unexpected epic Powderday on the pretty Bird

By paulski on 15 March 2021 · 0

The selection of the face Bel Oiseau: 3 years ago we got to know each other a little better. We spend a week in a mountainhut in France filming for a Poederbaas project, over there we discovered we had a good ski vibe together. In the hut we looked into a book that was laying on the table, one of those typical old books with lots of pictures of big mountains. One peak stood out and we made a picture of it with a phone hoping to maybe ever ski it. The funny thing is that the photo popped up lately, we did some research on it and it happend to be close to where we are based. It exactly fitted in our plan of skiing “Hidden faces” and definitely wanted to give it a go. After a long dry period one weather measurement station told there was over 10cm of snow in that valley in particular. Enough reason for us to explore and see if we could ski it...

Bel Oiseau

  • 4.1 / AD+
  • 1330 m / 2643 m
  • +1400 m / -1400 m

Check out the line on Fatmap


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