Gradual transition to a more springlike weather regime

By Henri on 22 March 2021 · 0

It's dumping in the Dachstein West region (
It's dumping in the Dachstein West region (

After an exceptionally wintry week in the Alps with lots of snow, especially on the northern and western sides, it will warm up again in the coming days. Temperatures will rise to values that are normal for the time of year, but first we'll have to deal with a last snowfall of the long-lasting Nordstau event. In large parts of Austria it may continue to snow until tomorrow morning.

The last day with a northerly flow (, DWD
The last day with a northerly flow (, DWD

Again a lot of snow

On Friday I wrote:

In the course of the day it will again start to snow and in the evening the precipitation will intensify. There may be, especially in the Stau areas, a total of about 10 to 15 centimeters of snow from Sunday morning until Monday night.

It was indeed the case that precipitation began to intensify during the evening. The Nordstau has again done its job and left more snow than expected. In many places it has now already snowed 10 to 20 centimeters. For example, the snowfall even at my place in Innsbruck has also produced about 15 centimeters. Especially in the Stau areas in Tyrol and east of it, it may continue to snow considerably in the coming hours. I do not exclude that in regions such as the Tennengebirge and the Dachstein massif locally another 20 to 30 centimeters of snow may fall on top of the snow that fell last night.

Dry and mostly sunny in the Southern and Western Alps, like here in La Sambuy (
Dry and mostly sunny in the Southern and Western Alps, like here in La Sambuy (

Dry in the rest of the Alps

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Due to a greater high pressure influence in the west, the Western Alps will remain dry. The Nordföhn will provide temperatures of around 15 degrees in the Western Southern Alps today and apart from thin high clouds, sunny weather conditions. In the coming days it will also remain sunny and dry here.

High pressure above the Alps (, DWD)
High pressure above the Alps (, DWD)


The high-pressure area which was located directly to the west of the Alps made the Nordstau possible, but is now shifting further east, bringing an end to the Nordstau. Tomorrow it will also clear in Austria during the day and the snow chances will be limited to the east of the Austrian Alps. Wednesday will be a sunny day across the Alpine arc, with temperatures well above 15 degrees in the Southern Alps and up to 15 degrees in the valleys of the Northern Alps.

Towards the end of the week it will get a little warmer and we should also expect maximum temperatures on the northern side of the Alps that could rise to well over 15 degrees. Even in the high mountains it will be quite mild and temperatures will be over 10 degrees higher than in recent days. However, from the west more clouds will move in and some precipitation with a high snow line could occur from Friday to Saturday.

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