Emigrating to Austria.. Where to go??

  • Kristel
    Kristel op 20 October 2021 · 13:38
    Hi guys, need your knowledge!

    I want to move to the snow this winter with no return ticket. Am thinking about getting my Anwärter, I read that it's best to get it in Austria and not in Holland.

    Who has great tips/ experiences about (small) ski schools to apply, which Anwärter is the best accepted and which area to go (I like the social vibe of apres ski) and also where there are good opportunities for great (long lasting) snow, great length of (off)piste and not too expensive (like Lech/ Sankt Anton). Preference for older colleagues (30+) and not a party town with only youth.
    But also enough options to work and live in the summer, Mtb and other outdoor activities. Looking for a friendly, excisable town with nice, open locals.

    Who has tips/ stories/ contacts etc? Anything helps and gives me a better idea, there are so many options, stuff to read and get lost in Ecosia Vortex 😃

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  • Gsmolin
    Gsmolin op 24 October 2021 · 09:42
    Bold move—I love it! I’ll throw out an ususual option: Galtür.
    Pros: Pretty good elevation (base 1500m), good lift access to a lot of north facing slopes, good freeride options on the north side of The Valley that you can skin up to. Has a smaller but good ski school. One of the best bouldering places in Europe in summer. But here’s the thing—I don’t think a lot of people continue up to Galtür and instead just stop at Ischgl. There are enough tourists to keep the place going but you lose the party crowd as they stop off at Ischgl. Of course there’s plenty of good terrain there and Kappl/See
    Cons: I think not a ton of people live there as they might still be scared of the avalanche that happened in the 1980s—I believe that really decimated the town. Of course they’ve built up protective walls for the city now but maybe people avoid it some because of that?
    Full disclosure: I’m a Yank and don’t live in Austria but I’ve been to a fair number of places in Austria…and keep coming back to Galtür. Going there again in December!
  • Kristel
    Kristel op 25 October 2021 · 11:11
    Thank you ☺️ Full disclosure: the housing situation in Amsterdam is crazy so I decided I don't want to pay most of my income to rent.
    I have been to Ischül twice and no never been to Galtür before I have to admit. It looks gorgeous and I will check out de skischool over there to ask what the options are regarding getting your Anwärter/ housing etc 😃

  • Gsmolin
    Gsmolin op 26 October 2021 · 13:30
    Yep everyone stops at Ischgl LOL


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