Buying my first freeride skis

  • mursel
    mursel op 23 November 2021 · 14:48
    Hi there,

    I am a beginner in freeride skiing. I have about 15 days of skiing per season and I have been skiing for about 8 years. It’s mostly skiing on-piste. I am interested because currently in Bosnia I can only buy Sky 7 (164cm and 180cm) and Soul 7 (172cm), what do you recommend for me as a beginner? Due to the prices of customs and VAT on imports, at the moment I only have the option I mentioned from Rossignol in my country.

    I am 177cm tall and weigh 90kg.


  • lukaŠkvarč
    lukaŠkvarč op 24 November 2021 · 02:40
    Hi Mursel,
    Freeride skis length should be > skiers height. I'd pick sky 7 in 180cm if I were you, purely based on ski length.
    Cheers to Bosna

  • mursel
    mursel op 30 November 2021 · 23:40
    Hi lukaŠkvarč,

    Tnx a lot for your suggestion. I'll definitely take a look at some of the skis I founded on net (faction prodigy series or atomic punx seven).



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