Review: Black Diamond Cirque Gloves

By Arjen on 18 December 2022

There are a lot of different gloves for freeriding ans touring. And after skiing with a lot of different types of gloves the last fifteen years, you think you've seen it all. Until Black Diamond's Cirque Gloves arrived. These are gloves with an excellent price/quality ratio and are ideal gloves for touring.

Mitten or glove?

What really makes the Cirque Gloves different from the standard gloves is a kind of windstopper that you pull over the fingers. This makes the gloves look like a mitten, but this is purely optical. You also pull this windstopper off again easily and then put it in the part on your wrist. Ideal, because that way you actually create an extra layer that keeps your hands a little warmer when necessary. The gloves keep your hands warm to about -7 degrees, so you I wouldn't wear it on really cold days.

Technical stuff

Some technical info for the nerds. The Cirque Gloves have an Empel DWR layer so that they are water-repellent. The Primaloft Gold Cross Core provides the warmth and there is goat leather on the inside of the outside of the gloves. The slip-stop parts provide sufficient grip when skinning up. And with a weight of 98.3 grams, the Cirque Gloves are also wonderfully light.


The Cirque Gloves from Black Diamond are light and all-round gloves that are especially suitable for touring. Or you could also wear the gloves during 'normal' freeriding, but on days when it is not very cold and the powder is not very deep. On deep (and certainly cold days) I prefer to wear my Guide Gloves. The price of the Cirque Gloves is very attractive. Retail price is € 70, but they can already be found for less than € 50. A real bargain!

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