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  • Clarky
    Clarky op 12 January 2016 路 22:47
    Had a pretty fun day at Ischgl on Sunday - a lot better than expected after 10-15cms snow overnight. Sketchy in places though...

    At around 11am there was a BIG natural slide above a blue run. No one involved or hurt as far as I know, but a big wake up call.

    The lift company then proceeded to blast the shit out of everything for the rest of the day, closing pistes for 10-20 minutes while they cleared the slopes above - by far the most intense avalanche control I've ever seen in an open resort. They got lots of results, with at least 20 big slides. At one point we were on a chair lift while they blasted the adjacent ridge - damn gazexes are loud! - with each of the 5 chutes sliding.

    Strong work from the lift company!

    Quite a few people had been skiing sketchy things, with tracks on steep slopes very close to big slides... :rolleyes:

    Despite that, there was some nice snow to be had on safe, mellow (and high - not enough snow low down or in the trees) offpiste slopes (photos from my gf's iPhone, so not great quality):

    Also gotta say I'm absolutely in love with my Down CD114M's (mounted with Atomic Wardens). The plan was for these to replace my (very old and battered, with no edges or torsional stiffness left) Bibby Pros with (old, battered and VERY sloppy Barons) as everyday resort skis, and I think they're going to be just perfect.

    Incredible edge grip (nice to have bindings that I can actually feel the edges with again too, mind!), noticeably very smooth and damp with all the metal, very stable at speed and in long carves on or off piste, and plenty nimble when you want them to be. Felt very weird having a ski that grips rather than slides on hard snow again 馃榾
  • semca
    semca op 20 January 2016 路 17:14
    Short edit from awesome three days in deep pow during PA 5. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Arjen
    Arjen op 21 January 2016 路 12:12
    Great report @Clarky! I've been to Ischgl quite a lot and they do a very good job with blasting avalanches. It's quite a cool resort. Not the crowds you have in the Arlberg, but Ischgl definitely has some nice terrain to offer.
    One day, they'll invent synthetic powder, ban all kinds of work and give you a free liftpass...
  • joshkoNtr
    joshkoNtr op 21 January 2016 路 16:56
    Slovakia West Tatras
  • and
    and op 28 March 2016 路 14:18
    M枚lltaler Gletscher yesterday:
  • Koty
    Koty op 10 January 2017 路 09:47
  • AndreasPieber
    AndreasPieber op 15 January 2017 路 18:49
    After i missed last season cause of inury i'm back in the powdergame 馃槂
    pretty happy that we got finally a big dump here at my homemountains in Vorarlberg.
    this is a short edit of today. pretty everything in the wood is tracked out and on higher areas it is too dangerous for riding. but everyday out there is a good day, specially after this long break.


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