Winterstick - Swallowtail

  • Viznou
    Viznou op 19 March 2013 · 14:31
    I just tried my new winterstick swallowtail last week end and was really impressed. Looking to share experience with other users of swallowtails/Wintersticks
  • dddddd
    dddddd op 20 March 2013 · 16:59
    Yep, We definitely agree: a deep swallowtail design rides like nothing else in deep snow, and a medium swallowtail design rides fantastic in everything. We ride swallowtails 99% of the time and it is our choice for any day, any condition. And they look good too..

    And Winterstick's founder knows what time it is: check out these oh-so-true words:

    he said this after accepting the 2012 "History Maker" award at a banquet in Salt Lake city on November 1, 2012. After speaking about the technology that skiing originally gave to snowboarding and the life and technology that snowboarding gave back to skiing, he referred to todays skiers and snowboarders as one group called "snow players".

    This video was the final thought of his speech.

    "The lesson for our young up-and-coming snow players is... Keep wanting it. Keep imagining turns you've never made, feelings you can't quite get on snow, keep trying new things, keep talking back to the small and the big sports companies... or maybe, go out and make your own."

    The future is in the past we think, and snowboarders themselves are going to shape it. If you want, see where we are headed at!
  • Viznou
    Viznou op 20 March 2013 · 23:57
    Have an apo swallow as well and though i really like it it is on the stiff side. you cld go at mach 12 though and it will be a breeze....
    most ppl think you need a ton of snow to enjoy a ST but i disagree, it is not that exclusive as people tend to think!
    will check the video nd website


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