Introduce yourself thread

  • Jack Uzzi
    Jack Uzzi op 14 December 2017 · 16:21
    Hi guys, I am Jack

    Regarding the overall situation where should we head up next week from Bergamo (Italy) : Courmayeur ( still very few runs opened today), Livigno , Cervinia or Sestriere ? Piemonte or Aosta?


    Jack Uzzi
  • mirceamu
    mirceamu op 20 December 2017 · 16:00

    Born in Romania, living in Belgium, freeriding in the Carpathians and the Alps.

  • Fuschetto
    Fuschetto op 27 December 2017 · 00:12
    hi folks
    i.m Andrea a Snowboarder and Splitboarder from Vallecamonica/Iseo Lake.
    My local resort where i was born as freerider is Colere near Bergamo;
    others areas where i often run are:
    - Ponte di Legno/Tonale
    - Bormio
    - Livigno
    - Valfurva/Ortles
    - Diavolezza /Engandina

    In the spring and summertime i'm a Trailrunner and a enthusiatic cyclist.
    I'n the freetime addicted to good music vibes and pints of beer.

    No problem to contact me, for information or other news about mountains and conditions

    Hope a great winter for you!
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  • julienmerda
    julienmerda op 11 January 2018 · 07:43
    Hey everyone,

    I’m Julien, French, 42yo, skiing on and off tracks for the last 20 years.
    Currently based in Marseille (after 18 years in Germany and China), I’m in for riding some of the southern alps mountains and for backcountry skiing.

    I’m heading to Saint Véran this week-end, do not hesitate to reach out.

    all the best and stay safe,

  • claudiocaverna
    claudiocaverna op 15 January 2018 · 14:43
    hi guys
    I am Claudio from Switzerland.
    I am powder addicted far some years and I hope to find here some new friends of riding.
    generally I ski alone ( it is not the top.. but my friends don't like powder : ) , then I like to search for new lines in all the little pearls of Alps
    my usal locations are
    Engelberg, Airolo, Splugen, Andermatt, Disentis in Switzerland
    San Domenico di Varzo, Alagna-Monterosa, Prali in Italy Piemonte
    Torgnon, Cervinia, Champorcher, Pila, la Thuille, in Italy Valle d'aosta
    Trentino Italy ( everywhere )
    Serre Chevalier, les 2apls in France
    but hope to learn here more beautiful locations and routes !!

    and this winter seems to be amazing !
  • Jeffrydejong
    Jeffrydejong op 17 January 2018 · 22:44

    My name is Jeffry born and raised in The Netherlands and I now live in the center of Switzerland. I love the alpes and ski on and off the tracks. I also do cross country and snowshoe hikes.

    Mostly active in the mountains near home. Have been to France, Austria and Italy as well in the past (when I lived in the Netherlands)
    De Visboer
  • John Parker
    John Parker op 13 March 2018 · 23:35
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  • Haansi
    Haansi op 16 March 2018 · 14:32
    Hi guys,
    My name is Hans, im from Norway and today i live in the Stavanger area along the west coast. Skiing has never been a big part of my life until i went to Val Thorens with my company in 2011 and totally fell in love with the alps. After that ive been going to the alps every year, at least 2-3 times.

    I also ski alot in Norway, and ive been in Canada once.

    Wepowder has helped me alot with chasing powder, both in Norway and the alps.

    My favorite resorts are La clusaz in the alps, and Myrkdalen in Norway.
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  • jackb
    jackb op 1 August 2018 · 12:31
    Hi all, Jack, 24, I've never skied but started working for recently so hoping I'll get the chance soon! Just here to learn more 😃
  • silasschneider
    silasschneider op 14 November 2018 · 10:56
    Hey everyone,

    my name is Silas I'm 19 years old and i live near Stuttgart (germany). I have been skiing since I was 3. But 2 years ago I started Freeriding.
    Most of the time I am in the Montafon area and this year i want to go the the Arlberg (Lech Zürs) more often.

    Maybe we can go for a ride together, because all my other riding buddys dont like to go in the backcuntry. 😀

    Have a good one
    Greetings Silas
  • silasschneider
    silasschneider op 14 November 2018 · 12:48
  • nowhereman
    nowhereman op 19 November 2018 · 16:25
    Hi all,

    after getting super useful info last year on this blog for my ski trip to georgia, I plan to help in this forum too. I m in love with Monte Rosa
  • bavoderammelaere
    bavoderammelaere op 30 November 2018 · 09:00

    Born in Romania, living in Belgium, freeriding in the Carpathians and the Alps.

    Mirceamirceamu op 20 Dec 2017 16:00

    How's the freeride in the Carpathians?
  • powdergirrl
    powdergirrl op 30 November 2018 · 15:47
    Hi Living in Spain from the US and looking for advice about best expert skiing that is not overcrowded. Mogels a plus.
  • Idris
    Idris op 6 December 2018 · 12:52
    Hi I'm Tom
    I live in Chamonix and occasionally other places with Mountains. Originally from the wet hills of Wales.
    I've skied since the late '70's and grew up racing on plastic artificial slopes.
    Professionally I am an International Mountain Leader and spend most of my summer leading the Tour du Mont Blanc.
    Also I've been known to make some skis (taking a brake from that at the moment) -
    In the last 20 seasons I've been lucky enough to live and work on 4 continents in the ski industry.

    I'm running away to Japan next week...Cat skiing
  • erwindeboer
    erwindeboer op 14 December 2018 · 11:01

    I'm Erwin, 25 yo, living in the Netherlands. I never stood on a snowboard or skis until 3 years ago. I started snowboarding and kinda got addicted to the snow and the mountains. So far no powder experience, so that's the reason I'm reading along here. I'm planning to do a off piste or splitboarding course this season, so if anyone has any advice on that: love to hear it!
  • sushiboy
    sushiboy op 13 January 2019 · 19:31

    I am Phil from the south of Germany, Augsburg to be specific (in transatlantic measures it'd be considered Munich). Student, 23 yo, skiing keeps making me broke. Lifelong skier, constantly cracking jokes about snowboarders. Got into powder a couple of years ago, started obtaining some safety knowledge three years ago and keep going ever since. Love small resorts, deep days, tree runs. Started touring last year. Looking into doing an Eastern Europe Skiing trip. Hit me up if you've got something on your mind. Cheers
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  • Askat
    Askat op 1 February 2019 · 04:29
    Hello everyone! My name is Askat. I`m from Kyrgyzstan. This is my first visit to here. We have beautiful places for freeride skiing, mountain trekkings, hikings. 90% of our country are mountains!) Welcome everybody! 😃
  • Trabateo
    Trabateo op 3 February 2019 · 19:42
    I'm Ivan, I'm 50, snowboarder from around 9, freerider from 5 and splitboarder from my first experiences.
    I try to chase the powder where I can (in Italy: Valle d'Aosta, PIemonte, Lombardy, but when I can also in France, Switzerland and Austria) even if unfortunately I'm tied a bit to the mood of friends who could haven't my own spirit.
    The passion for snowboarding and powder also leads me to travel overseas (Canada and Japan).
    In the summer I like trekking to be able to keep in touch with nature and the mountains.
    If someone wants to share their passion for snow with me, don't hesitate to contact me.


    PS: to some of my friends, I like to do freeriding with the e-bike, if you are interested, I can put you in touch with them.
    One step at a time, one breath at a time. So if you don't survive the bullet closest to your forehead, you don't have to worry about the one after ...
  • guidobouman
    guidobouman op 1 April 2019 · 18:07
    I'm Guido, 29 years old from the Netherlands. I've been skiing since my 5th, and switched to snowboarding on my 11th. Fell in love with the mountains since ever since. But I've only been in the snow for about a week or two each year.

    This year I moved with my girlfriend to Montafon, Vorarlberg, Austria for the season to really learn how to freeride & tour the backcountry. So far we did our first tours with snowshoes. Now we're looking for a split board, and hope to tour at least 30 days a year.

    If you're in the Montafon area, and want to ride together, pm me!
  • andedm
    andedm op 2 April 2019 · 21:53
    My name is Anders, I'm 34yo from the west coast of Sweden close to the Norwegian border.

    I started alpine skiing when I was about 8 until 12, then started other sports and forgot about skiing until 2013 when I found the love back, and this time for back country and off piste skiing. Been doing it since between 1-3 weeks every season.

    Now living in Geel, Belgium. Hope to find other snowheads in here for social gatherings, I'm flexible and always up for an adventure in the mountains or ski/sport related activities.
    *message edited by andedm op 2 Apr 2019 21:53
  • isaandrews
    isaandrews op 23 July 2019 · 13:31
    Hi! I am Isabella from London.
  • micheleferrari
    micheleferrari op 8 November 2019 · 19:39
    Hi guys a girlz..
    I'm Myky from Lake maggiore on nearby to Swiss.
    Male and 38.
    I'm a powderhunter, because I'm far, but in the middle of all opportunities, I use to ski from Cham, Alagna, Prali, Bardo, Bosco gurin, SaaS fee, Andermatt, Engelberg until Austria.
    I hope to see one another wepowder app, and see you on the chat
  • anastasisgyzis
    anastasisgyzis op 26 November 2019 · 20:24
    Hi all, Anastasios from Greece living in Zurich. Been snowboarding for a good number of years and bought a splitboard 3 yrs ago which I hope to use a little more this winter. 😃
    Looking for company for some tours, reach out if you in the area..
  • Seppuccu
    Seppuccu op 5 December 2019 · 13:01
    Hi everybody! I'm Mikael, a 45 year old snowboarder from Lund in the Deep South of Sweden. Yeah I know, I live in the wrong place...

    I started riding quite late, at the age of 37. I unfortunately also went to Japan quite early in my snowboarding career and got ruined for life - now I constantly yearn for powder, and I think the amount of snow we get in Sweden is a bad joke. I also really like tree riding and prefer riding off piste in general, as I see other people on the piste as the number one health hazard (I've had a number of close calls where I've could have gotten killed, and also accidents where I got slammed by skiers out of control). Off piste it's between me, the snow, the trees, and the rocks.

    I should also add that I don't sit down when I strap in and I never sit in blind spots. In fact, I see sitting down as a failure. 😃

    As you can see I'm still just a "Tourist", but hopefully that will change soon. I've had the intention of joining UCPA for a week of "tout neige" for a number of seasons to get myself educated, but for different reasons (skill level, becoming a parent, money) it has never materialised. Instead, I'm hoping to be able to join my first avalanche class in Sweden this winter.
    I'm a powder puppy.
  • GermainBouvier
    GermainBouvier op 24 December 2019 · 17:57
    Bonjour à tous!
  • migraz79
    migraz79 op 7 January 2020 · 00:47
    Hi, it's Michele from the cost of Tuscany. I chose the wrong board? No, the Apuanian Alps just 30 mins behind me have always attracted me more than the sea. I am a snowboarder since 2002 when I was 23. I made summer camps in the French Alps, winter camps in Val d' Aosta and Dolomites. I started to appreciate the free ride thanks to snowboard teachers who took me to explore. I am not able to do a lot during the season due to the cost to reach the Alpine ridge but I try to have a week and some trips. I am a beginner and I ride always under the principle of "safety first" .
  • philip159
    philip159 op 9 January 2020 · 16:44
    Hi, Philip here.

    Italian living in London originally from the pre-alps. Skied the Aosta Valley powder since i was 6 and yearly trips to British Columbia.

    I'm travel back to italy every weekend in the winter, and just closed on an apartment close to Courmayeur!

    Reach out if you want to shred!
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  • Fuschetto
    Fuschetto op 10 January 2020 · 23:22
    Welcome here @migraz79 and @philip159
    Italian do it better 😉
  • samdevries
    samdevries op 22 February 2020 · 15:18
    Hi everyone, Sam here,

    I'm a belgian freerider recently moved from Belgium to Zürich, Switserland. I'am always looking for people who want to join me in chase pow or who can teach me a thing or two. Next year I'm planning on competing in the BK Freeride in Nendaz, Switserland but till than I still have ways to go and thing to learn.

    Reach out if you want to join me on a weekend, also 7/3-14/3 you can find me in the Aosta Valley, feel free to join! 😃


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