Backcountry experience and avalanche knowledge - how do you?

  • telemikey
    telemikey op 5 December 2013 · 15:08
    Just curious here.

    The Netherlands (where I come from) are obviously very flat. Most freeriders here understand that we can't get the mountain experience that many of you do get, living so close to the mountains. So I'm glad to note that many either hire a guide or gain knowledge and experience via avalanche courses e.g. Snow Safety Centre.

    It used to be that locals based their backcountry decisions mostly based on experience and local knowledge. With enough of that under your belt, I guess one could mitigate the risk of being in an avalanche somewhat.

    A lot of research has been done by institutes like the SLF, eventually leading to decision making tools like Munters reduction methode, the Snowcard, Stop and Go, etc.

    I'm curious as to:
    - do you use such a decision making system?
    - If so, which one? If not, how do you make decisions when in the back country freeriding?
    - where did you gain this knowledge (and experience)?

    I have to admit that I have no idea of institures or organisations in Europe outside of the Netherlands (Snow Safety Centre) that provide high quality courses.

    PS avy knowledge and decision making outside of the alps is indeed a whole other beast (to a point). So it might be interesting to see if there's a difference between native alp dwellers and ex-pats from the USA/ Canada and such.
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  • telemikey
    telemikey op 6 December 2013 · 19:22
    Hope this gets the ball rolling:

    When in the backcountry I usually use Munters reduction method.
    If I'm outside of the alps i.e. where I can't rely so heavily on the avy forecast, I ski with guides.

    Did 3 levels of avy course at the Snow Safety Centre in the Netherlands, which has a theoretical component as well as several days of pratice per level.
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