FS: Moment Governor 196 + Look Pivot 18

  • Ghini
    Ghini op 13 April 2014 · 21:50
    Hi all, I have a spicy setup for sale:

    For Sale: Moment Governor 196cm (13/14) + Look Pivot 18

    26m radius
    Front rocker / camber / litlle kink in the tails

    Bindings are Look Pivot 18 with XXL brakes. Used last season on other skis but these things are bomber as we all know and can go for years. Only cosmetic ‘damage’. Mounted for a 328mm ski boot at recommended and they will fit boots up till 10mm shorter and maybe a bit larger (I will check for you if you want).

    Ski’s are used 4 days, bindings a bit more last season but are in great shape. Bases are like new and just got a fresh wax so they dont dry out, no damage what so ever just like the edges, all-in perfect shape.
    I only used them 4 days this whole season because I have more skis and tour a lot. The skis are great but I rather see them go to someone who will ski them a lot and shred hard.
    Thats what these skis can do, shred hard in powder, crud, tracked terrain etc and even rip on piste with a little effort. 196cm might seem long for some but these skis actually are really manageable and also do shorter turns. I sell them because I wont use them as a touring ski and thats what I do a lot.

    Honest and long review: http://blistergearreview.com/gear-reviews/2014-2015-moment-governor...

    Bottom Line For Now / Who’s It For?

    The Moment Governor is a substantial ski with a real tail that is still quite easy to ski. It is quick and substantial, which is a fairly rare combination.

    If you’re looking for something that can handle deep pow at the top of the mountain, and will also lay down trenches on the groomers back to the lift, then the Governor deserves your vote.

    And if you like directional skis with tapered tips and powerful tails that hold up well in resort conditions, then I haven’t skied anything yet that I would put in front of the Governor.

    Normal retail price for these skis new is 850,- euro’s. So I think 500,- euros including bindings is a really fair price? Or make me an offer..
    (Ski design stays the same for next year)

    Only sell skis and bindings a part when I have buyers for both and get a good price.
    I will ship through all Europe and send all my personal info whatever you want before shipping and payment.

    If you have questions, want high res pics, or are interested in buying the skis, please email me:
    Ski-junkie [at] live [.] nl

    Br, Lambert



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