Freeride PassportTM

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Freeride Passport

The freeride passport provides insight into your abilities as a freerider. It makes you aware of the things that you do know and can do, but also of the things you can not yet do yet.

What is it exactly?

The freeride passport consists of four themes that together make you a complete and sensible freerider. Within the themes of knowledge, descending, climbing and physical condition you can score on a scale of 0 (low) till 4 (high).

What do you use it for?

The freeride passport serves several purposes. You can use the freeride passport to search for freeriders who have the same level as you have. But it can also be seen as a tool to further develop yourself. You give the mountain guide which you will be riding with direct insight into your abilities and in addition you can see which routes are appropriate for you. The freeride passport is developed by wePowder in collaboration with UIAGM mountain guides.

This is not the time to brag!

Be realistic in completing your freeride passport. You bring yourself and other freeriders you’re riding with in danger if your passport does not match your actual level!

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