Quiksilver goggles?

  • Mojo
    Mojo op 27 décembre 2014 · 12:40
    Hi guys,

    I can enjoy a 50% discount on the Quiksilver gear this winter. I already wanted to buy some decent goggles the past years but haven't done it yet. So I'm going for it now.
    Only problem, which one?

    I heard some good things about the Hubble series.
    Ideally I want to have goggles who are perfect for bright sunny weather conditions as well as foggy snowfall conditions.
    No fog when sweating is a must too.

    I found this one: what do you think? Good choice? link quiksilver.com http://www.quiksilver.nl/nl/hubble-multilayer-/-metallic/eqytg00060-EQ...

    And what about the new QS_R series?

    Please advice.


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