Walkie Talkie use in Japan

  • Konrad
    Konrad op 21 janvier 2015 · 23:24

    Has anyone heard something more about the Prohibition of the Use Walkie Talkie in Japan. How is the enforcement of this ban? Do you need chase it in the mountains, because theoretically penalties are high, including prison.

    I have a radio in the PMR 446 standard (the European standard). In Japan bans write to ban radios as standard FRS / GMRS
    Can You sages anything
  • freerdr
    freerdr op 23 janvier 2015 · 16:36
    hy konrad
    i have been in Japan for almost three weeks and just came home. we used walkie-talkies a lot. i don't know the type, they were provided by our guides. but we swa quite a lot of other freeriders use them too. so i guess it is not much of a problem.
    enyoy the deep. japanese snow is incredible.
    just have fun out there!
  • Konrad
    Konrad op 23 janvier 2015 · 16:55
    Thanks for information


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