Winter preparations the way I love them...

Par admin sur 4 septembre 2012 · 3

As the first snowfall arrived in the higher regions it’s time to specify my training a little. Make sure my body is strong and I have endurance for upcoming Winter. The Autumn sun and the temperatures invite for uphill bike-rides and longer trail-runs. The walking routes are nice and lonely again.. summer tourism season is ending. As it’s getting very quiet everywhere, the wild animals come out of their shelter and a nature lover like me feels peace and strength. This outdoor workout time is one of the best times a year ! Hard work but if you stick to your plan it will pay off ! Grtz from Kaprun, Austria Berber


  • Erwin
    Erwin op 13 septembre 2012 · 16:06
    Inderdaad - fit worden voor de winter begint nu! Wij zijn allemaal al hard aan het trainen, jullie ook?
  • ThijsAG
    ThijsAG op 15 septembre 2012 · 13:15
    Ik doe niet anders, van feb-nov wielrennen.
  • irian
    irian op 30 octobre 2012 · 09:01
    Mooi, je geniet de 'stilte voor de storm'.


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