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Par irian sur 8 novembre 2012 · 2

Surgery went fine. Miriam a friend from Austria picked me up from the hospital. Two screws are taken out of my knee. Everything went fine, just the nurse had stress because of the heart rate monitor, the maschine made often alarm because my heartbeat was to low: 36 beats per minute when I sleep.

Last week I looked around in Helsinki, checked the board expo and the freeride film festival. Freeride movies getting better and better, it is not just about xtreem lines but also nature and lifestyle. They getting more emotional and better to understand for people how never have been freeriding before. Especially I really like the European movies. After Helsinki I took a little propeller airplane to Riga and from Riga to Zurich where Gerlinde (a friend) guided me around. Zurich is the most expensive city of the world, but for shore worth it for a visit if you like architecture. It is a nice situated city between mountains and seas. Yesterday I find a super nice apartment, next to my favourite freeride mountain of Austria. Today I get 30 years old. Sounds like a new milenium. Travel pics on: www.irianvanhelfteren.com


  • freek
    freek op 8 novembre 2012 · 13:22
    Gefeliciteerd! En je hebt duidelijk een sport-hart 😃
  • koen_djfistel
    koen_djfistel op 8 novembre 2012 · 18:59
    van harte gefeliciteerd !!! een powrijk milennium !
    sbs roelz


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