5 feet for Tahoe?

Par meteomorris sur 21 décembre 2012 · 0


It just started to snow at Tahoe as I can see from the reports coming in. Wax up! This is a powder weekend you don't want to miss. The output of the models is like a christmas carol and or maps do you show the magic color red which means this might be a mega dump.

Magic red
Magic red

I do expect the biggest snowfalls on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. With 2-3 feet for the resorts East of Lake Tahoe, 3-4 feet for the Western ridge. side. Above 7000 ft 5-6 feet might be possible. First Chair alarm for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Other Mountain ranges

The biggest storms just passed the Cascades and Whistler. And with Avalanche control busy to stabilize the snow pack chances are big that closed areas might be open at first Saturday. Saturday and Sunday we will see some light snowfalls.

No fresh powder for Wyoming, Utah and Colorado but there is good chance that a new storm cycle will bring tow storm the next week. Stay tuned for extra updates to come.

Stay stoked



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