Powderalert for the Ice Coast and PNW

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Powderdays to come
Powderdays to come

What a start of the winter in the PNW. We have huge snowpacks and already a lot of powderdays behind us. And the good thing? There is more to come. Next week Revelstoke will be hosting the first stop for the renewed Freeride World Tour and one thing is sure. There is no lack of snow. Hopefully there will be some sunny spots as the forecast is snow until at least Tuesday.

Besides the PNW the Ice coast has also a good start of the season. Lots of snow and cold temperatures and in between the usual mild days (hey, it is called the Ice-coast for a reason ;))

Short term

West (PNW and Canadian/US Rockies)

There is a light break between storm systems on Sunday. Left over clouds will bring some flurries (2-4 inch/5-10 cm) and temperatures remain relatively cool. More moisture will spread into Coastal BC and the western Cascades on Sunday evening. Since this is the warm sector moving in there is a slow warming trend. Interior light snowfalls continue and temperatures remain cool.

Warmer air is moving into the coastal regions on Monday, potentially even some rain at the higher elevations on Monday afternoon. You may expect 2-5 inch/5-15 cm of fresh snow. 3-8 inches/10-25 cm of new snow is expected on Tuesday most likely arriving later on in the day. Mostly light winds during the day, increasing later on. Freezing level rising to 3000ft/1100 m in the afternoon.

Interior it remains colder and moisture finding it's way on Monday/Tuesday. For Tuesday there is a first chair alarm, but as from Wednesday there will be a huge powder alert for the PNW. Colder air is moving in and bringing loads of powder. First chair alarm for Wednesday and Thursday.


The storm that moved in has split rotating into the South. The biggest snowfalls are expected in the South and there is winter weather advisory. There is a chance that the resorts South of Lake Tahoe might pick up enough fresh snow to call it a powder day today. Something to monitor during the day. Monday through Wednesday will get warmer as a new storm is approaching. Winds and clouds will increase as the cold front approaches and bring cold and snow . Even in Lake level. From Wednesday till Thursday a foot of fresh snow is possible, but still not written in the sky.

Utah, Colorado

No fresh powder until Thursday so you'd better save your money for better days to come. Like Thursday. Jetstream is turning northwest and chances on big snow are growing. For now best days to come might be the weekend of 12-13 January, but as details might shift the next few days we will keep you posted.

Storm track turns north west on Thursday
Storm track turns north west on Thursday

Ice Coast

Send it East! What a start of the season so far and today new powder is expected. Check the footage below.

And there is more to come. Today there is first chair alarm that continues untill monday evening. Besides there is chance that a new storm will bring snow from Wednesday till Thursday although the storm track might shift the next few days.


Monday: Ice Coast

Tuesday: first chair in Cascades, Whistler, South Colombia and perhaps even Montana and Wyoming

Wednesday: first chair in Cascades and Whistler

Thursday: first chair in Cascades, Whistler, South Colombia and perhaps even Montana and Wyoming

Stay stoked



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