Powder A-L-E-R-T first chair on Sunday

Par meteomorris sur 11 janvier 2013 · 0

 Fresh powder to come...
Fresh powder to come...

Finally a powderalert for the Pyrenees. Snowcover is thin for a mid-january but with the snow to come conditions may improve.

Snowpack is thin for the season
Snowpack is thin for the season

A new storm is approaching and I do expect first snow in the western Pyrenees Saturday afternoon. Snowfalls might get intense on Saturdaynight and Sundaymorning. Snowlevels will be go down as from 1200 meters towards 400 meters. Winter tyres or even chains might be more than helpful to get to your favorite resort. Eastern and Southern Pyrenees will be dry and sunny.

Powderalert for Sunday

Westen Pyrenees and Northern Pyrenees will be great. Expect 30-60 cm of freshies!

Expected snowfall untill Monday
Expected snowfall untill Monday

After the weekend

Another huge dump is expected after the weekend. Stay tuned for another powder alert!

Stay stoked



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