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It’s there! A pretty big possibilty of a northstau. It’s too early for a wax up, but be ready for very cold snow coming from the north. A small and active low pressure area that’s above the Eastsea is going south on Monday. It’s not really visible on the snow maps (they question if there’s enough humidity in there), but it just might bring 10-35 centimeters between Tuesday afternoon and Thursday in the northstau regions in Austria. Expecially the northern Alps of the Salzburgerland and the Steiermark might hit the jackpot.

Is it coming?
Is it coming?

Current conditions

It’s sunny in most parts of the Alps (from the Mediterrenean to Innsbruck). The only clouds are east and south of the main alpine ridge and they can bring 2 to 15 centimeters. Monday will be sunny everywhere in the Alps.

A northstau?
A northstau?


The northstau that’s quite hard to forecast will follow on Tuesday. The storm is coming from the Eastsea to the northern parts of the Alps and consists of cold and humid air. It doesn’t look that spectacular, but the combination of layers in the air, very cold temperatures, humidity and the northern Alps might result in a little surprise. More details on Monday, but the quality of this snow might be extremely high (as in dry). Snow in the east on Tuesday till Thursday, while it’s sunny in the other parts of the Alps. The air is getting colder and it will be really cold on the highest peaks.

Snow for the southern Alps?

Changes are really high that there will be a low pressure area south of the Alps after the passage of the northstau. And that means snow for the southern Alps. That’s still far away, so we’ll see what happens.

Powder advice

Time for a little tour in the western, southern and northwestern regions of the Alps!

Stay stoked



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