Powderalert for the south

Par meteomorris sur 18 février 2013 · 0

Finally! This dump has been on the maps already for two weeks now. And it's going to happen! Tahoe will get a decent dump after weeks without fresh snow.


Fresh snow from Tuesday morning till Wednesday evening. You may expect 10-17 inches of cold snow. Mammoth and the southern resorts will see the biggest amounts of freshies.


This storm will arrive late Tuesday night at Snowbowl Arizona before spreading out towards Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Snowbowl will see 9-14 inches of freshies.


The storm is expected to arrive at the Wasatch by Wednesday morning. Since the snow is coming in from the southwest, the resort who do favor a SW flow will be the best. Overall we will see 7-14 inches of fresh powder. Make sure you don't miss the bus at Powder Mountain.


Since the storm is coming in from the southwest snow is expected at the San Juan Mountains at first.Northern Colorado will see snow from late Wednesday night into Thursday as winds shift to the NW.


  • Tuesday: Tahoe

  • Wednesday: Tahoe and Arizona Snowbowl

  • Thursday: Tahoe (leftovers), Arizona Snowbowl, Utah, Wolf Creek, Taos and Durango

  • Friday: Utah, San Juan Mountains or preparing your stuff and fly tothe Cascades

Long term

Forecast is anew storm to move in on Friday from the northwest and likely to migrate into the southeast.

Stay stoked



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