Skiresort in the Pyrenees reopening!

Par Arjen sur 28 mai 2013 · 0

OK, it looks like this is going to be a never ending winter after all. The resort of Porté-Puymorens in the Pyrenees will reopen on Saturday the first and Sunday the second of June. It’s a snowhole in the eastern Pyrenees and it always picks up more snow on northern faces than the resorts nearby. There’s probably more snow on the western, eastern and southern faces as well at the moment. Anyway, a reopening on the first day of June. Unreal!

All the lifts?

Nope, not all the lifts. Only the téléski 3 (if your French stops at croissant, téléski means draglift) will open. But…that’s about 500 meters of vertical (2500 to 2000 meters) and the piste de Fontfrède will be open as well. The lift is open from 8.30 in the morning till 13.00 in the afternoon. There’s still plenty of snow and a lift pass is only 15 euros (with only 600 available).

This is the first time in history of mankind that a skiresort in the Pyrenees is opening in June. The question therefore is: is this still season 12/13, already season 13/14 or are we caught in the Matrix in between? Please Neo, let us know!


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