Revelstoke: first stop in the FWT

Par Arjen sur 27 novembre 2013 · 1

Countdown has started. In less than a month the Freeride World Tour will kick off with their first stop in Revelstoke. The event is scheduled from 18-23 december an all riders did already confirm. So, who is your favourite? Who do you think wil ride the best line on the colossal MacKenzie Peak, affectionately called “Mac Daddy”?

Last year was magic. Superb snow conditions and top performance by the riders. I am wondering what this year will bring.


  • KlasRydstrand
    KlasRydstrand op 27 novembre 2013 · 15:43
    Good to see that the FWT is getting more attention. I am really looking forward to watching complete events live, last year we only watched a some of it. Maybe one day it will even get air time in mainstream TV?


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