PA#5: Live from Hinterstoder

Par Arjen sur 13 décembre 2013 · 1

Powder galore
Powder galore

Ivo Mrazek from the Czech Republic and his friends decided to give PA#5 a go. They went to Hinsterstoder and Wurzeralm and came back with this report. Looking sweet! Ever been to Hinterstoder?


  • shreddy_krueger
    shreddy_krueger op 13 décembre 2013 · 14:07
    Great footage, thanks for sharing!

    Damn, I´m super jealous, i wanted to go to Hinterstoder, but I have been sick 😞

    PS: Höss is one of my "home" spots but you should on go there during pre-season or during the week. Normally it is super crowded during the holidays and on weekends in the mid-season.


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