First tracks.. how to

Par Arjen sur 15 décembre 2013 · 3

Faceshot galore
Faceshot galore

So, you want to have first tracks? First face shots of the season? Why not park your tent in front of the lift the evening before opening day? First tracks guaranteed....

First time we saw something like this
First time we saw something like this


  • telemikey
    telemikey op 15 décembre 2013 · 22:49

    Still though, what do you do with the tent?

    Pack it and leave it at the bottom with the lifties?
    Or stuff it into you and your mates' backpack (and blow up your legs on that first run)?

    The more I think about it, the more I get the feeling that simply skinning up is less of a hassle (less GNAR points though).
    White room,Pillow lines,I rule
  • viking2
    viking2 op 16 décembre 2013 · 00:16
    I'm going to camp and ski from tomorrow on, but I'll leave the tent a 150 meters from the lift due to regulations here and than skin up as you said @telemikey.
  • 49
    49 op 16 décembre 2013 · 09:03
    How about that mechanic in the background?
    montagna bianca, ti amo


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