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I announced PowderAlert #21 on Sunday. PowderAlert #21 would come in three phases. Phase 1 and 2 have passed and I’ll look forward and have a look back at the last couple of days. But before I start with my forecast….Enjoy the freshies that are there or that will come down the next couple of days (in Austria), because the long term isn’t looking that good with high pressure dominating the Alps. Another reason for me to ride some powder in Japan.

Just another turn in Niseko

PowderAlert#21: phase 1 and 2

Step 1: would bring snowfall in the western Alps. On average 10-20 centimeters came down. It will be sunny today. Don’t wait too long to ride powder. You’ll have to start touring to find freshies later this week.

Powder advice western Alps today:

Step 2: would bring snowfall in the southern Alps and especially the Piemonte and Lombardia. And that’s exactly what happened. Between 15 and 40 centimeters came down. It will be nice and sunny today. But watch out, because the avalanche danger is still high to locally even very high.

Powder advice Tuesday and Wednesday:

Snow for the northern Alps
Snow for the northern Alps

PowderAlert#21... what's next?

Stap 3: Snow for the northern Alps. A high pressure area is settling between the Alps and the atlantic from Tuesday, but the low pressure area is still south of the Alps. This is a situation where the Alps will have to deal with a (north)eastern current and as a result the northern regions in Austria will get some snow. I expect the snow to fall between Tuesday and Wednesday, above 1000 meter around 10-30 centimeters, locally even 50 centimeters. But the base is thinner in the northern Alps and tree runs aren’t possible in many places. Wait for the first snow to fall and explore your resort! My advice for the northern Alps? Vorarlberg and the Arlberg region. The best base around and the most freshies the next couple of days.

Powder advice Thursday-Friday

The Alps will have to deal with a high pressure area after Thursday and it will be nice and sunny in the Alps. Time to go touring. But not for me, because here in Niseko, Japan it will be another powder day tomorrow. Arrigato!

Arjen @Niseko
Arjen @Niseko

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