First slopes groomed in St. Moritz

Par meteomorris sur 15 octobre 2014 · 0

Winter in the higher alpine
Winter in the higher alpine

The first signs of snow in the higher alpine (3000 meters and higher) came in yesterday, but more news coming in from the Swiss region of the Engadin, where you can find ski areas like the Corvatsch, Diavolezza and Corviglia (pretty much all around St. Moritz). Especially on the Diavolezza (the mountain in the south of the Engadin), they take matters into their own hands. With more wind and higher temperatures in the forecast, they decided to give the snow a good old groom with the Pistenbully, to be sure that this snow will make it into winter.

Pistebully in action
Pistebully in action

Snow that is groomed (and therefor basically settled by a machine) is less sensitive to shifting (in this case: rising) air temperatures and is less influenced by the wind. It isn't a bad idea to groom those slopes already. Especially because a warm weekend is on its wat. The freezing level will go up to 4000 meters and a strong wind will come from the south. I'm wondering what the image below will look like after the weekend.

Berghaus Diavolezza


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