Avalanche fatality in Spital am Phyrn

Par Arjen sur 29 décembre 2014 · 0

A 31-year old man died in Spital am Pyhrn in Austria due to an avalanche on Sunday December 28th. He was touring with two friends at the Großen Pyhrgas and all three were caught. The 31-year old man died on the mountain. This is reported by Bergrettunga.at.

Avalanche danger 2

The avalanche danger that day was two (on a scale of five). The men were touring at 1900 meters and we're just about to return to the valley when they were caught by the avalanche. They got dragged down hundreds of meters, and the 31-year old was fully buried, his two friends partially. They were able to dig him out, but it was too late.

No gear

According to the police, they were not carrying an avalanche beacon, shovel and probe. It is perhaps needless to say, but these are the three things that everyone in your group must carry with them. But ultimately it is of course important to ensure that you don't end up in an avalanche by taking the right decisions.


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