The most effective Powder Diet: Japanuary

Par Juulski sur 2 janvier 2015 · 1

After skiing together for 4 winters, Caroline my favourite ski buddy and I, are celebrating our Japanniversary in Honshu, Japan. We will serve you a multi-course diner, filled with vitamin P. This is just an amuse!

Photography: Carolinevanthoffphotography

Getting loco in Myoko


"Japan is having its best ski season in years right now. It's not normal for Japan to have this much snow this early in the season. The bushes are covered, the big lines are in and it's game on most everywhere on Honshu isle. Ski resorts in the Hakuba area have already gotten 332 cms (132 inches or 11 Feet) of snow at their bases in the month of December alone." (source)

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

The terrain of Nozawa Onsen
The terrain of Nozawa Onsen

A well earned lunch for only 6 euro's!
A well earned lunch for only 6 euro's!

Number 23 please: a real Japanese speciality ;-)
Number 23 please: a real Japanese speciality ;-)

At the end of our trip, we'll publish the full menu with all our tips! If you are travelling to Japan in the next weeks, find some information about our Japan trip 2 years ago on our Facebook page.


Day pass Akakura Kanko (Myoko) – 27 euro

Morino Lodge Myoko: double room 48- 68 euro per person, or for a 4 person dorm room 42-55 euro per person, including breakfast.

Day pass Nozawa Onsen: 33 euro

Furasato Lodge: 27,50 per night including breakfast

Find more accommodation on: Ski Japan Holidays & Nozawa Holidays


  • Powdernick
    Powdernick op 4 janvier 2015 · 14:59
    @juulski Nice Shots, i'm looking forward to getting out there in a few weeks.
    Ski ya later.


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