PA #6 delivered in Hintertux!

Par AlexHooftman sur 21 janvier 2015 · 0

Where are the trees?

Powderalert 6 was deep!!

The forecast wasn't that good here in Zillertal during PA6, they expected around 20 centimeters of fresh snow and we were planning to go to Ischgl with the crew of Freeriders Life.

However, when Timand I woke up and looked at our balcony we saw quite a lot of snow on the edge and we knew there had to be more in the higher alpine area. When we saw the snowmaps we started smiling, 50 centimeters of fresh snow in Hintertux!! The decision was easy, forget Ischgl, let's go to Hintertux!!

15-20cm on our balcony

On our way up it became clear how much snow had fallen, many cars were driving down with snow chains and the trees were filled up with fresh snow. We knew it: it was on!!!

To give you a short impression we made a short edit.



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