PA #13: A-L-E-R-T!

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My apologies, I told you before that the next update would be on Wednesday, but I had to wait a day longer. The weather models GFS, ECMWF and WRF had a bit of an argument and it seemed better to wait. But today PA #13 officially shifts from Watch into Alert status.

From Watch to Alert status?

Yes, to offer you an even better service I chopped the coverage of a significant snow event into pieces. It now works as follows:

  1. PowderWatch (there's snow coming)

  2. PowderAlert (we know in which regions the snow will fall )

  3. Where to go (finetuning: last-minute tips)

  4. Aftermath (enjoy, share and reflect)

Aftermath PA #12

The reports were coming in big time at our timeline the last couple of days and with some searching you could still find great powder. Storm Quinn was pretty good.

Anyway, thanks for the frequency and quality with which you share reports. They give a much better impression than the webcams that are sometimes placed at for the resorts best places on the mountain. S please keep sharing!

PowderAlert #13

The story is simple. Although ... I hinted that we could have to deal with a southwestern current from Friday night and that the French Southern Alps and the Southern Alps Central would get their share on Saturday. A scenario pretty similar to PA #12. But GFS was going back and forth and WRF didn't want to confirm. But my feeling and ECMWF told me the current was going to be south(west). Anyway, it's peak season and I do not want someone to make you pay a lot of money for accommodation without being pretty sure that you'll get a lot of freshies. Personally, I book as late as possible, but I can imagine that with the holidays and some peer pressure from spouses you'd like to book a little bit earlier.

Here we go!
Here we go!

But ultimately, the story is pretty simple. There's a storm called Steffen coming in from the Atlantic and he will breach the high pressure belt that has been dominating the Alps the last couple of days. The storm track is northwest, but as more often the initial stage will be southwest (because of the incoming front) and that's no different right now. The snow will fall from the southwest on Saturday, and after that a cold front will follow putting the French Northern Alps into a snow sandwich. This cold front can push through for a while bringing freshies to the entire western part of the Alps. Lots of words to tell you that you can ride in the trees from Sunday and Monday in:

But there are still some uncertainties. Friday more tips about where to go, that will be more detailed on Saturday. If you want a powder guarantee, then you have to make sure you're in the Southern Alps Central or the Southern French Alps on Sunday. The other option is to wait for tomorrow's update so you'll be certain where to be on Sunday.


You can ride powder in the regions below from Sunday to Tuesday. The tree runs are pretty awesome and the sun will come out on Sunday afternoon. The conditions will be great till Tuesday and you'll have to head for the northwest right after.

Powder watch #14

It is certain that there's snow coming and it seems to come down into two intense phases. The first start will start on Monday evening and end in the course of Tuesday. The second phase will follow on Wednesday with more snow. Maybe it will snow till the end of last week. There is therefore a PowderWatch for the French Northern Alps and the rest of the Northern Alps, in particular the northwest will get a lot of snow. It will be a great week to go road tripping. And if you're doing that well you may speak a little bit Italian, French and German in one week and you ride in the trees every day. How much better can it be in the Alps?

So far so good. More details on Friday.

Stay stoked



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