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Par Arjen sur 4 mars 2015 · 0

Epic Poles is the story of three friends. Passionate riders who wanted to do something more than riding powder. But what do you do? Build skis? Apparel? No, of course not. Charlie, Luuk and Mickey went to work with the mother of all ski products: the ski pole! In the winter of 2012/2013 they first had the idea to make bamboo poles. The idea stemmed from frustration caused by expensive poles that often cracked after a season. In addition, it just seemed to cool to them ride powder with poles made of bamboo!

wePowder Special

They started in November 2012 with the sale of their first poles. When they approached us to create a special wePowder ski pole, we just couldn't refuse. Each pole is picked by hand. Bamboo comes in sticks of three meters long and the best part is chosen to create the pole. Then the bamboo is protected with a special oil. No pole is the same!

wePowder blauw

The wePowder pole has the distinctive blue color, a long ferruler (the part under the teller that sticks into the snow), a powder teller and an excellent grip. It seems that this poles performs even better in powder. And the price of the wePowder Special? About the price of a day of skiing in the Alps. Only € 44.99. Is that cool or what?


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