Eight things the rabbit is doing wrong

Par Arjen sur 10 juin 2015 · 0

Everyone has already seen the video of the white rabbit in the avalanche. Not yet? Well, you're one of the few, but if you missed it, it is about a rabbit who tries (and pretty successful actually) not to be buried by the avalanche chasing DCP. Of course it looks hilarious, but hey, riding of bounds is full of risks and the rabbit makes plenty of (basic) mistakes.

1) The rabbit doesn't wear an avalanche beacon

2) The rabbit doesn't carry a probe

3) The rabbit doesn't carry a shovel

Actually we can stop here, because without these three things you shouldn't be in the backcountry at all. Or actually ... there is still more to the actions of the rabbit to criticize.

4) The rabbit holds too little distance to the rider in front of him

5) The rabbit moves towards the avalanche, and not away from the avalanche

6) The line choice is pretty bad. The rabbit should not have got into the gully, but should have remained on the ridge.

7) The rabbit should have known that avalanches are coming down more frequently, because there already is an old avalanche lying there.

8) The rabbit looks like a local, so he could have known that this was a dangerous descent.

As you can see, rabbits have much to learn about safe riding in the backcountry. Let's hope that this course will be suitable for rabbits as well.


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