Live: freshies in Austria and Switzerland

Par Arjen sur 6 septembre 2015 · 1

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse

It was quite a test for our new snowmaps this weekend and they're working fine. We forecasted snow for the higher parts of the Alps. The snowline would slowly drop to around 2000 meters in Austria and Switzerland. Summer left the Alps and Autumn made his entrance. This is a season where the temperature fluctuates a lot and warm and cold temperatures are accompanied by storms and precipitation.

It looks like winter today, but that won't last for long. There's warm air coming up, but this snow will keep the glaciers (well, at least parts of them) white till the season really starts. Countdown has started. For now, enjoy your weekend!

Jungfrau with the Eiger

Saas Fee

Saas Fee




Stubaier Glacier


  • Swiz
    Swiz op 6 septembre 2015 · 22:15
    Yes please! This snow comes too early, but can't wait for winter to start!


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