Skiing in Scotland

  • Swiz
    Swiz op 15 septembre 2015 · 22:33

    No real powder, but real dedication. Skiing in Scotland: +1
  • Soulrider
    Soulrider op 17 septembre 2015 · 16:37
    I really like this video. Just make the most of the situation. Nice!
  • TheDoctor
    TheDoctor op 22 septembre 2015 · 13:30
    @Soulrider For sure they're making the most of it. But will you travel there for a week to go skiing?
    Vive le old school!
  • Soulrider
    Soulrider op 1 octobre 2015 · 15:18
    Now that's a good question. I probably would one day. Problem is that there are so many places I want to go to. And to be honest... they are higher on the list 😃


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