BDTV episode 1: One Seven Eight

Par Arjen sur 28 septembre 2015 · 0

How do you create a life that balances work, family and your passion for the mountains? It's a question that lots of riders have to answer every season. Especially when you're not living in the Alps and decide to drive back and forth a couple of times a month. Balancing work, family and your true passion: the mountains.

178 summits

In the first episode of BDTV, they travel to Jämtland, Sweden, where Henrik Westling recently became the first person to climb and ski every one of the region's 178 summits. In doing so, he did more than accomplish a goal: he found a way of living that will inspire you to rethink how you create balance in your life. 'From one day to another I decided that we should not work full-time with this job. It's more important that we live cheap and can ski again'.


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