Looking for a ski partner in Munich

  • and
    and op 28 octobre 2015 · 19:06
    Hi! Anyone here from Munich? I'm spending one semester here on a study exchange and I'm looking for a ski partner to chase powder. I can ski down basically anything, unless there are mandatory drops...
  • mattfudge
    mattfudge op 11 décembre 2015 · 23:41
    Hay Up &,

    Been here a while, give us a shout if snow finally arrives and your still here!!! Or it gets to boring.

    Matt +49 176 992 731 27
  • bernhardbrandstatter
    bernhardbrandstatter op 12 décembre 2015 · 00:03
    give a shout out to https://www.facebook.com/paveheikkinen?fref=ts

    name: Paavo Heikkinen

    only thing I can say is you need to ski fast dude is a nutter!!! but solid partner who drives to the ends of the earth for the elusive blind so much snow in my face run!!!

    Ex racer fast as hell, tree basher, will make you feel uncomfortable with speed but will have your back when it is sketchy!

    Plus if its a long ass drive is a solid conversationalist...


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