The comeback of winter?

Par meteomorris sur 10 novembre 2015 · 0

Do the new snow maps offer perspective? Yes, a first look at the maps certainly show some colors on the maps, so that's better than nothing. But if you look any further you immediately see the bad news. When you scroll down you can see the warnings for the high snowline. Then again, maybe the snowline is just high during the days before the northern Stau comes in. Is it worth it to go to the Alps this weekend?

A small northern Stau coming in?
A small northern Stau coming in?

I have to disappoint you. The dump is a bit more intense than on the maps and in my blog from yesterday, but it gets warm and dry right after. But that little dump is the light in the darkness at the moment. King Winter tells us that he has not forgotten us.

The start of winter?

King Winter is showing himself shortly on our snow maps. Looking at the other models, then you can conclude that things are not that positive (especially when you always think that a glass is half empty and not half full). But when you look at it from the bright side a few things stand out. It gets colder, the NAO index is less positive, the jet stream is creeping towards the south and it looks like that a lot of depressions will make their way to the Alps in the third week of November. And these are the three lights in a tunnel that was still dark!

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