The Eclipse - Salomon Freeski TV

Par Arjen sur 10 novembre 2015 · 1

It was a ridiculous idea from the start. Travel to the edge of the earth to see one of the planet’s rarest events- a total solar eclipse in the Arctic. Faced with the likely reality of bad weather obscuring the sun and having to battle frigid, arctic temperatures and winds, the odds did not favor success.

March 20th, 2015

Despite this the Salomon Freeski TV team and set out on an expedition to realize photographer, Reuben Krabbe’s grand vision to capture a single unique image- one of skiing during a solar eclipse. Persistence, preparation and a positive attitude was a guarantee of nothing as March 20th, 2015, dawned. The fate of the expedition’s goal would rest entirely in the hands of the weather gods.


This is the best Freeski TV video ever. Period. Brody Leven, Chris Rubens and Cody Townsend are the skiers on the trip. 'Eclipse' is pure inspiration! Check out the full multimedia experience here.


  • Soulrider
    Soulrider op 13 novembre 2015 · 09:57
    I've been watching this video yesterday. It's amazing. They were lucky that the sun was shining during the eclipse. What are the odds?


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