Steelhead and spines

Par Arjen sur 13 décembre 2015 · 0

In the spring of 2015, Ian and Neil Provo began another pursuit for big lines and wild fish. Once again, the direction was north to Alaska, just as it was 3 years ago on their first trip to capture steelhead and spines. Since then, their burning desire to explore around the next bend, to see what's on the other side of the mountain, has grown to an inextinguishable level. They found themselves back in a corner of southeast Alaska where for a few months of the year, some of the steepest, fluted lines in the world can be ridden, while chromed out steelhead run up and down the coastal rivers.

Skiing and fishing

This is the place for them to step outside the bubble of modern society, and into a world of their own making, where skiing and fishing and camping is everything. They returned home with these images, and memories of battling storms and mountains on the glacier and of an island where pure fish swim beneath the old growth hemlocks.


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