Six people killed by avalanches in France and Austria

Par meteomorris sur 18 janvier 2016 · 0

A 14-year old boy from Russia didn't survive an avalanche (which he triggered himself) in the area of Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach on Sunday. He was said to be riding off-piste with his trainer after ski racing practise. The group wasn't equipped with beacons, shovels and probes. Help came too late... More

Five soldiers died in Valfréjus

Another avalanche caught 11 soldiers who were on their way to Le Petit Argentier in Valfréjus today. It's quite a well-know peak with tour skiers. 5 of the 11 soldiers didn't survive the avalanche. Six soldiers were freed with light and heavy injuries. More info

Test your knowledge about avalanches and snow safety for free!

The avalanche danger in the Alps is 'Considerale' (3 on a scale of 5) or 'High' (4 on a scale of 5) at the moment. More and more people venture off-piste, but not everybody has the right knowledge and the right gear. Already 15 people died because of avalanches this winter. Do you have the right knowledge to ride off-piste? Test it yourself and start with the first capital of the Mountain Academy for free! No knowledge? Stay on the marked slopes or hire a mountain guide!


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