Live: Great powder in the Kleinwalsertal

Par Arjen sur 18 janvier 2016 · 3

Kleinwalsertal was the destination to score some great powder. I was riding with Manoni, Haas and Morris today and it was deep. Around 115-130 cm came down last week and Morris was right with his northern Stau. It was a great day. Perhaps the best day so far this winter. Bluebird, powder and a great crew. We saw the first signals of a warm front coming in at the end, but today was perfect!


  • -Patrick-
    -Patrick- op 18 janvier 2016 · 23:28
    Share the Stoke and leave no harm, Together we watch out for our Home.
  • kanski
    kanski op 19 janvier 2016 · 00:06
    Never ski faster than your guardian Angel can fly!
  • Willi
    Willi op 19 janvier 2016 · 10:32
    I agree it was dumping in the klein walsertal!!!


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