VIDEO: Deep powder during PA#5!

Par Arjen sur 21 janvier 2016 · 5

It was ON last week. PowderAlert #5 was really good and we received a lot of great reports. Check out how deep it was below. If you were not there last weekend, don't bother. You didn't miss a thing. It wasn't deep. The sun didn't came out. Everything was already tracked. No, you didn't miss anything.

It was on in the French Savoie!

It was pretty crowded in the Kleinwalsertal!

And there even was enough untracked powder left on Monday.

Great footage from the Arlberg!

Despite the crowds and the powder panic this still is an amazing region with so many possibilities.

Kappl was ON!

Faceshots from the Bregenzerwald

Check out these pictures from Pelvoux, the Kleinwalsertal, Obertoggenburg and the Ötztal as well.

It was a good week and PA #5 will be one to remember! You definitely can post your footage in the comments!


  • jacek
    jacek op 21 janvier 2016 · 15:01
    Saalbach 17.01.2015
  • moritzfalkjünger
    moritzfalkjünger op 21 janvier 2016 · 15:56
    you forgot one😃
  • Arjen
    Arjen op 21 janvier 2016 · 16:19
    @moritzfalkjünger: Nice, looks pretty awesome! Where was that?
    One day, they'll invent synthetic powder, ban all kinds of work and give you a free liftpass...
  • drejec
    drejec op 21 janvier 2016 · 17:02
  • JAndersB
    JAndersB op 25 janvier 2016 · 10:21
    And here is another one from PA#5


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